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The most effective hydrocarbon oil absorbent on the market. A cost-efficient product for industrial, commercial and residential oil-based cleanups. Direct 855-695-1199

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GoSorb is a Distributor of PeatSorb Products


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Machines leak oil and chemicals. GoSorb Mats and Pillows capture these spills, reduce downtime and increase safety of employees by not leaving any slippery residue on floors.  MORE HERE


oil skimmer

Onshore or offshore, GoSorb saves money and time by immediately absorbing oil spills. When working offshore or near water, GoSorb’s hydrophobic nature allows for cleanups on water without fear of leaching.  MORE HERE


chemical spill supplies

For trucks and fleets, GoSorb’s Spill Kits are compact and effective, providing more cleanup power in less space. GoSorb’s Pillow Mats trap leaks quickly, keeping spills from spreading and keeping shops clean. MORE HERE


chemical spill kits

Public Works and Fire Departments love our products based on rapid effectiveness and reduced disposal costs. Street & Transportation Maintenance teams save time with quicker clean-up and lack of oil and chemical residue on the ground. MORE HERE


chemical spill kit

GoSorb’s floating Mats and Boom Wraps provide for spill containment and removal on oceans, lakes and streams. Easily deployed and easily removed, GoSorb solves the continual battle between water and oil. MORE HERE

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